Procedure Concerns about the appearance of the earlobes include large earlobes, stretched piercing holes or complete splits. Earlobes can be reduced, and holes or splits repaired under a local anaesthetic. I use sutures under the skin which don’t require removal and dissolve within four months.
Scars In reductions, the scar is at the base of the earlobe
Operation time 1 hour
Anaesthesia Local
Hospital Stay Day Surgery
Benefits Cosmetic, Psychological
Risks Bleeding, Infection, Scar problems (stretched, thick, abnormal pigmentation, red, retracted etc.), Skin discoloration, Skin cones, Wound separation, Slough, Necrosis, Pain, Nerve injury (Numbness), Bruising, Swelling, Overcorrection, Undercorrection, Asymmetry, Cosmetic imperfections, Need for further surgery, Allergic reaction
N.B. Most complications are unlikely and serious risks are rare
Risk factors Smoking, high blood pressure, bleeding tendency, diabetes
Optimising factors Diet rich in Vitamin C and protein, plenty of fluids, fresh air, scar massage, sun protection
Discomfort 1 – 2 weeks
Bruising 2 – 3 weeks
Recovery One week for light activities, 4 weeks for sports
Acceptable appearance 2 - 4 weeks for most patients (This is subjective)
Final result 6 -18 months
Alternatives No Surgery

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