Procedure A chin can be enhanced or reduced by moving and fixing the chin bone (=sliding genioplasty or mentoplasty). Enhancement can also be done with a chin implant. A sliding genioplasty involves a cut inside the lower lip, through the chin bone to move the chin and fixation with metalwork. The skin incision is under the chin for implant insertion.
If the bite is affected, a dental opinion should be sought prior to cosmetic correction.
This operation is sometimes combined with a rhinoplasty to achieve more balance.
I don’t use drains routinely. The wounds are repaired with sutures under the skin which don’t require removal and dissolve within four months. Soft food and mouth wash are advisable for one week after sliding genioplasty.
Scars Inner lower lip for bone surgery. Underneath the chin for implants
Operation time 1.5 hours
Anaesthesia General
Hospital Stay Day Surgery > (Overnight)
Benefits Cosmetic, Psychological
Risks Bleeding, Infection, Scar problems (stretched, thick, abnormal pigmentation, red, retracted etc.), Skin discoloration, Wound separation, Slough, Necrosis (bone, skin, tissues), Pain, Nerve injury (Numbness, weakness, paralysis, abnormal chin & lip muscle movements), Cold insensitivity, Tooth injury, Bruising, Swelling, Overcorrection, Undercorrection, Asymmetry, Chin ptosis, Contour irregularities, Lower lip retraction, Cosmetic imperfections, Seroma, Need for further surgery (including implant removal), Allergic reaction, Chest infection, Heart attack, Stroke, Blood clots in legs & lungs
Bone Surgery: Non-union, Malunion, Fixation failure, Palpable metal / bone edge, Metalwork extrusion, Neck laxity
Implant Surgery: Implant extrusion / displacement, Capsular contracture, Bone erosion, Palpable implant
N.B. Most complications are unlikely and serious risks are rare
Risk factors Smoking / contraception / flights within 6 weeks of surgery, overweight, high blood pressure, bleeding tendency, diabetes, , poor oral hygiene
Optimising factors Diet rich in Vitamin C and protein, plenty of fluids, fresh air, scar massage, sun protection
Discomfort 1 – 2 weeks
Bruising 2 – 3 weeks
Recovery Light activities 2 weeks, Driving 3 weeks, Physical work & sports 6 weeks
Acceptable appearance 2 – 4 weeks for most patients (This is subjective)
Final result 6 – 18 months
Alternatives No Surgery, Make–up, Fillers, Fat transfer, dental or maxillofacial treatment if the bite is affected

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