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Injectable fillers can be used to fill wrinkles or other depressions in the skin or to improve fullness of lips or other areas. A commonly used chemical is Hyaluronic Acid or HA. This material is naturally found in human tissues and has only a low risk of allergic reactions. It can last up to 9 months. Some of the effect can be permanent. Over-treatment can be corrected with Hyaluronidase which dissolves the agent.


Botulinum Toxin which is also commonly called Botox is used to weaken specific facial muscles. Since the action of these muscles can wrinkle the overlying skin, the desired effect is smoothing of the skin. Botulinum injections are good for temporary correction of forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crows feet. The effect lasts for about 3 months. After this period the injections can be repeated.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are very mild acids and cause a controlled wounding to the superficial skin leading to a fresher appearance. This often has to be repeated to give the full effect and in rare cases can cause scars or pigment changes.